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Market research built around your needs

Ematrix Solutions begins by communicating with the client and devises a solution. We work with the client to ensure that the solution is both relevant and reliable. We deliver advanced strategic analysis and reporting, with the option of post-project services to maximize the value of our client’s research.

Our social media capabilities include:

1. Analytics and Statistics
2. CATI Telephone Surveys
3. Direct Mail
4. Face-to-face Interviews/Store Intercepts/Mall Intercepts/Central Location Tests
5. Focus Groups
6. In-depth Interviews
7. Mobile Marketing Research
8. Neuro-Marketing Research
9. Online surveys/Online focus groups/Online bulletin boards/Online diaries
10. Panels and Databases

Analytics and Statistics

Our research analytics allow clients to enhance their decision making by maximizing return and minimizing risk. Our core analytics include Price optimization, Market mix modeling, Marketing Analytics, Churn reduction, Statistical Analysis and Web Analytics. Our survey and analytical tools include Cross-tabulation, Correlation, Cluster analysis, Conjoint analysis, Factor analysis, Item analysis, and Discrete choice. Our quantitative analyses include Importance Ratings, Descriptive Ratings, Brand Performance ratings, Derived Importance vs. Stated Importance, Competitor Performance ratings, Mean Drop Penalty Analysis, Implicit Association Test (IAT), Maximum Difference Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation.

CATI Telepone Surveys

Telephone interviews comprise a large part of our market research practice. We conduct CATI telephone interviews from the Eastern and Western US, Canada, London and Asia in over 30 languages. Our projects range from small-scale ad hoc projects to large-scale tracking projects. We employ strict validation procedures, validating a minimum of 10 percent of all interviews, with high-quality supervision standards.

Direct Mail

Ematrix Solutions has robust direct mail resources to conduct surveys in the US and abroad. In some instances, direct mail can be cost efficient in reaching respondents than other methods and make it beyond online communications, spam filters and opt-outs. Important in direct mail is the quality of targeting for efficient and high impact survey distribution. SIS provides further value with our access to low-incidence segments and neighborhoods. We maintain high-impact databases and panels by segment to enhance the targeting capability of our surveys. This often has the effective of higher ROI and response rates.
Direct Mail is unlike some other research methods the geographic-specific results can be better controlled and elicited. Last, another benefit of Direct Mail is that it allows the research company to regulate the time of survey distribution. As a result, we can optimize our research into various segments at different times. As a custom research company, we work with our clients to suggest the most appropriate methodology for their needs.

Face-to-face Interviews/Store Intercepts/Mall Intercepts/Central Location Tests

Based on our client’s objectives, Ematrix Solutions may recommend face-to-face interviews led by our in-house research specialists. These specialists emphasize the importance of the recruitment and screening processes to provide a high intelligence outcome. Our field teams conduct these interviews. Focus Groups
Ematrix Solutions provides full service focus group services, including our state-of-the-art facility rental, moderation, recruitment and reporting.

In-depth Interviews

Ematrix Solutions often conducts in-depth interviews with respondents. It allows our skilled research specialists to be face-to-face to probe in-depth and gain insight. These interviews are also useful for sensitive questions. Our in-depth interview services include Extended in-depths, Pre-tasked in-depths, Executive in-depths, Physician in-depths, Accompanied shops, Tele-depths, Friendship pairs, Conflict interviews, and Projective and enabling techniques.

Mobile Marketing Research

Mobile transactions are rapidly growing throughout the world. In developed markets, consumers and executives are increasingly adopting mobile technology into daily life. In developing markets, consumers perceive mobile technology as more reliable and cost effective than personal computers.
Ematrix Solutions provides clients with global mobile survey data collection and analysis. Surveys can be distributed by mobile apps, SMS, and browsers. These interaction points make it easier for some consumers to participate in market research studies.

Neuro-Marketing Research

Neuromarketing is a cutting edge discipline within marketing research. Rooted in neuroscience and psychology, Neuro market research allows companies to distinctively understand their stakeholders’ unconscious reactions to marketing stimuli. Companies use Neuro market research to uncover a robust understanding of why consumers do what they do. It probes beneath the surface into the unconscious to pinpoint exactly where companies should provide the most value to their customers. As a full service international market research firm, Ematrix Solutions allows clients to predict stakeholders’ behavior with a full suite of Neuro market research services.

Online surveys/Online focus groups/Online bulletin boards/Online diaries

Ematrix Solutions provides full-service “one stop shop” market research services with strategic reporting that turns data into actionable insights. With our online survey services, clients can maximize their research budget with Ematrix Solutions. An overview of our services is below:
Overview of Full-Service Online Survey Services

Panel fieldwork:

Questionnaire Survey design
Specialty Recruitment

Range of methodologies:

Online Diaries
Advertising Testing
Concept Testing
Computer Aided Web Interviewing - CAWI
Sensitive Subjects Research
Statistical Techniques

Project Consultation:

Status Reporting
Client Servicing

Full Service Programming:

Multilingual Coding

Full Reporting Tools:

Chart preparation in PowerPoint
Multilingual Translation
Cross Tabulation
Full-reporting and Strategic Analysis of data

Panels and Databases:

Ematrix Solutions provides the dynamic resources, expertise and access to your organization’s most important stakeholders. With our resources, we provide access to hundreds of thousands of consumer, B2B respondents around the world.
Important in conducting research today are several considerations. One of the key determinants in a high quality research outcome is the quality of the respondents consulted. As such, we perform extensive quality control procedures and continually upgrade our infrastructure and processes to reflect this priority. We also employ a variety of sourcing techniques for our samples. This enhances the diversity and quality of our samples.
We often conduct low-incidence, complex market research. Because of this core competency, we can provide a breadth of diverse samples for studies among specialized respondents.

Below are a few examples of our respondent databases and panels:

Selected Consumer Panels

High Net Worth Individuals
Smart Phone owners
Coffee Consumers
LCD Display Owners

Selected Automotive Panels

MINI Owners
VW Owners
Tractor Owners
Sporty Complex Cars
Luxury Car Drivers

Selected B2B Panels

C-Level executives
Broker Dealers
Independent Advisors
IT Managers and CEOs
Registered Investment Advisors

Sample of Medical Panels

General Physician, Chiropractor
Medical Diabetes Nurses and Doctors

Benefits of our Panels

Rigorous sampling and quality control processes
Extensive global resources
Diverse sources for new panelists
Valuable low-incidence samples


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