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Gain deeper insight into your leads and craft customized campaigns that convert.

Add value to your database with accurate, up-to-date information

Human curated personalization at scale

Enable hyper-personalized sales and marketing campaigns. Implement hand-curated data points that provide your team with the context they need for stronger connections with decision-makers.

Equip your sales and marketing teams with enriched data for increased productivity


Tell us your data enrichment needs. We’ll work with you to create research parameters that’ll give maximum impact in the format you need.


Your CSM is your dedicated point of contact. They’ll work with researchers who’ve been trained on your business, project and needs to enrich your data.


You receive your enhanced data at an agreed frequency. Either directly uploaded to your CRM or securely shared via a CSV file.

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What’s included in the service

Customer Success Manager

Your CSM works with you to help define the best strategy to get your database as accurate and profitable as it should be.

Expert Researchers

Experienced and highly trained researchers take away all the legwork and devote 40 hours a week to your database enhancement.

QA Team

Our QA team double checks all data to confirm 100% accuracy and verification

"Happy that we choose Ematrix Solutions for our database and data enrichment requirements. The results has always been good with great turn around time. Great Job team!"

William Smith


Overview of our database enrichment services

CRM Hygiene

CRM Hygiene

In B2B businesses, data decays at a rate of reach 70% each year. It’s no wonder that 40% of business objectives fail due to inaccurate data.

Maintaining CRM hygiene is vital to your sales and marketing results. But despite its importance, admin isn’t your sales team’s favorite task. And it doesn’t make sense for such high-value employees to spend hours cleaning up messy data when they should be moving prospects from lead to customer.

We’ll clean and update your existing data to prevent errors, stale records and duplicates from killing your sales and marketing efforts. Leaving more time and opportunities for your teams to craft personalized, targeted emails and increase sales conversions.

Keep all your records neat and fresh so that your sales team can prospect with confidence and ease.

  •   » Save SDRs from doing the repetitive tasks they hate
  •   » A clean CRM database boosts email campaign results
  •   » No more contacting the wrong people with the wrong message

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Get a deeper understanding of the humans behind the job titles.

We’ll perform comprehensive research to find all important data points. Know which software your prospects use, what they’re saying on blog posts and social media.

Make sure you’re across their anniversaries, birthdays, hobbies, professional achievements and more and build a personal connection.

Bespoke data points allow you to craft more effective cold outreach emails and personalized marketing campaigns, resulting in higher conversion rates and revenue generated.

The deeper and more personalized insights you gain, the better you understand your leads, contacts and accounts. Possessing specific targeted data further results in reaching informed decisions, better relationships and higher conversions. Make more informed sales and marketing decisions with our data enrichment service.
  •   » Rich, targeted data in your CRM
  •   » Better decision-making
  •   » Position your company betterPersonalized data points to help you build rapport

Email Verification

Email Verification

Turn bounced emails into leads by extracting useful information from out-of-office and other auto-replies.

Send us a list of bounced emails and out-of-office replies and we’ll search for alternative contacts at the company you want to reach.

The fewer bounces, the better your domain’s email deliverability, resulting in higher open rates and more sales.

Reliable, verified and hand-curated data enables you to connect better with your leads and increases your team’s productivity.

  •   » Accurate information increases deliverability rates
  •   » Save time and increase campaign ROI
  •   » Protect your domain and reach more genuine prospects
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